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Infinity The Roleplaying Game: Panoceania

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    PanOceania.The Hyperpower. Life at the top of the G5 Nations ensures a certain amount of privilege and power. It also brings it fair share of enemies. Born from an Intercontinental alliance on Old Earth that pioneered the race to the stars. PanOceania has led the transhuman revolution without once ever looking back. Stewards of no less than three entire star systems and numerous colonies on several other worlds the hyperpower is also the largest proponent of ALEPH, their policies set by lobbies, and their faith guided by the Church, most PanOceanians soak up glamourous holovids depicting the herculean might of the latest cutting edge TAGS or the glorious charge of powered armoured Knights and bask in the sanctity of their technological superiority. Scratch beneath the surface of neon and chrome, however and all is not as harmonious as the Mayacasts would have you believe. On the ocean planet Varuna, Libertos fight even more violently to free themselves from a subversive occupation, whilst all across PanOceania’s territories dispossessed ATAKs struggle for recognition from an interstellar institution that refuses to acknowledge their existence. Details on the tree key star Systems that are home to the PanOceanians Focussed lifepaths that allow players to immerse themselves in the diverse aspects of the Hyperpower. A treatise on the Healots.


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