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Infinity NA2 (#981): Wardrivers (Hacker) - COR280766-0981 [8436607710172]
Infinity NA2 (#981): Wardrivers (Hacker) - COR280766-0981 [8436607710172]

Infinity NA2 (#981): Wardrivers (Hacker)

Item #: COR280766-0981 [8436607710172]
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    • System : Infinity
    • Material : Metal
    • Attributes : Assembly Required, Unpainted

    The term ‘wardriving’ dates back to the dawn of the 21st century, when hackers used it to refer to the practice of driving around town looking for open networks to infiltrate. Nowadays, the word has been repurposed by hackers who traverse the Sphere offering their services as hackers for hire, doing brief contracts as cybercombat operatives.

    When access to cybercombat is zero, or very limited, there is no better option than the Wardriver. It will provide your army with the necessary Hacker tools to face a more technically advanced army.


    • 1x WARDRIVER Hacker


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