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Infinity: Ariadna (#969): Scots Guard - COR281125-0969 [8437016958926]
Infinity: Ariadna (#969): Scots Guard - COR281125-0969 [8437016958926]

Infinity: Ariadna (#969): Scots Guard

Item #: COR281125-0969 [8437016958926]
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Price: $33.95

    The Scots Guards is a strange unit in the Caledonian Armed Forces, a regular Corps specifically formed to execute special operations, equipped with a strong regimental pride but without any clan ties, a unit that combines the best of the warrior tradition with the best of the Highlander tradition and the dirtiest tricks of the S.A.S. Commandos along with the most modern battle techniques.

    With this box you will be able to create a Fireteam of Scots Guards to expand their firepower at any range and sweep away your enemies.

    A box containing:

    • 1x SCOT GUARD (AP Spitfire)
    • 1x SCOT GUARD (Submachine Gun)
    • 1x SCOT GUARD (Missile Launcher)


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