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    Number of Players: 2-6

    Playing Time: 30-240 Minutes

    Recommended Ages: 14+

    The High Frontier legacy of simulating personal and human gains allows a vision of a War of Independence based on the ideological and economic issues motivating each soldier, issues far more long-lasting than resources or territory. Unlike a traditional wargame in which you dutifully fight for an assigned role, here you are thrown into a dark forest of centralized regulations and corrupt bureaucrats, rife with heroic battles, capitulation, blackmail, cowardice, treachery with the enemy for personal gain. Will you execute your POWs, drop really big rocks on civilian targets, or become Benedict Arnold? The War's outcome will permanently change the future course of humanity in space.


    • 6 Conflict Module Playmat Extentions
    • 2 Player Aids
    • 1 Political Assembly Board
    • 1 Punchboard with Damage, Red Cross, Lutetia, & POW Chits
    • 12 Bribe Disks
    • 6 Dropstone Rocks
    • 1 Die


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