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Item #: MIB-SMG284-2 []
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    Number of Players: 1-5

    Playing Time: 30-240 Minutes

    Recommended Ages: 14+

    This module introduces new human and transhuman colonists, as well as the space stations they live in.

    Future space pioneers will live in mobile space colonies called Bernals, tailored for Earth-like conditions. Their job will be to tele-operate robonautic avatars on the surfaces of nearby asteroids and moons. They will come with unique specialties and politics. If you provide a Bernal space station for them to live in, they will give you more operations per turn. If promoted, they enable mega-engineering projects called "Futures", for new ways to victory (requires Module 1).

    As a bonus, this module features extra advice and experimental rules for the core game.


    • 28 New Cards
      • 10 Bernals
      • 18 Colonists
    • 5 Playmat Extensions
    • 20 Space Station Miniatures
      • 10 Kalpanass
      • 10 Standford Toruses
    • 1 Wooden Space Elevator Token


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