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GuildBall: Mortician: Strings of the Spirit Weaver

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    Aloof and cold, Scalpel carefully observes the opposition before unleashing a furious assault in order to gain control of their souls. A practitioner of the forbidden black magic of Spirit Weaving, Scalpel is sure to strike fear into the hearts of the opposition. Unorthodox and unpredictable; The opposition will struggle to stop a team that can reanimate their fallen teammates, score goals and manifest take-outs from the ether. Coaches who enjoy pulling their opponent's strings are sure to relish the chance to master Scalpel.

    Metal components.

    1 Ball
    6 Player Cards
    1 Scalpel
    1 Vileswarm
    1 Veteran Graves
    1 Casket
    1 Bonesaw
    1 Brainpan & Memory


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