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Great Wyrms of Drakha: Plastic Dragon Baastherox

Item #: DAO-23105 [787790785095]
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    The adventurers, recently deputised as members of the Steelclaws, are summoned to a private meeting with Aureus Fulgen and given a mission by His Radiant Majesty himself. They are to follow the clues left by a long-dead sage and retrieve a relic of great power from a place in the middle of the Drakhan desert. Their harrowing and brutal journey will take them right to the heart of the nightmarish territory ruled by none other than Baastherox The Broodless, the Warrior Philosopher… The Mightiest.

    Detailed dragon miniatures are the perfect accompaniment to the Great Wyrms of Drakha RPG adventure book. They are supplied pre-assembled and ready to go.

    • Plastic Miniature (200mm tall)
    • 2 Interchangeable plastic parts (head, limb)
    • 3 Cards


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