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Glorantha: The Gods War - Elder Races

Item #: PEGTGW-2 [680569978110]
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $87.95

    • Number of players : 3-8
    • Playing time : 90 - 120 Min.
    • Recommended ages : 14+

    Glorantha: The Gods War – Elder Races adds 31 figures to Glorantha: The Gods War, along with 12 control cards, 10 gift tiles, a Dragonewt evolution marker, and an Elven (Aldraya) marker.

    The 12 elder races included are: Boggles, Dragonewts, Ducks, Dwarfs (The Mostali), Elves (The Aldryami), Giants, Luthans, Maidstone Archers, Scorpion Folk, Slarges (Reptile Folk), The Vadeli, and Waertagi (Dragon Ships).


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