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Glorantha: The Gods War - Cosmic Monsters

Item #: PEGTGW-3C
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    • Number of players : 3-8
    • Playing time : 90 - 120 Min.
    • Recommended ages : 14+

    Cosmic Monsters spawn once the great compromise is triggered. Leviathan and Androgeus generate victory points for players in their areas but never attack. At the end of each turn though the leviathan will travel the map and start eating units. Androgeus runs around the map spawning units for different players. The Juggernaut rolls around the board pulling units with it.

    Contents: 3 Huge Miniatures
    3 Cosmic Monster Loyalty cards
    3 Cosmic Monster Gift Cards

    One Dragon is placed on the map at the start of the game. One Chaos Monster is placed on the map when the Chaos Rift Opens. One Cosmic Monster is placed on the map when the great compromise first triggers.


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