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G.I. JOE: Mission Critical

Item #: RGS02432 [810011724327]
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Price: $111.95

    Number of Players: 1-5

    Playing Time: 50-70 Minutes

    Recommended Ages: 14+


    The evil organization, Cobra, is on the attack! Cobra Commander has sent his troops to sow chaos in the world. It’s up to G.I. Joe to stop them and prevent total panic! The team will have to work together to defeat Cobra and restore peace.

    G.I. JOE: Mission Critical is a co-operative board game that challenges your team of G.I. Joe heroes, each with your own unique combat deck, to work together and defeat the forces of Cobra.


    • 5 Hero Minis (Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Duke, Stalker, Cover Girl)
    • 1 Nemesis Mini (Baroness)
    • 1 Boss Mini (Cobra Commander)
    • 3 Lieutenant Minis (Dr. Mindbender, Major Bludd, Copperhead)
    • 24 Foot Soldier Minis (12 Cobra Troopers, 12 Crimson Guard)
    • 6 Action Dice
    • 135 Standard Size Cards (63x88 mm)
    • 11 Tarot Size Cards (70x120 mm)
    • 1 Base Tile
    • 4 Location Tiles
    • 1 Hanger Board
    • 1 Battle Board
    • 1 Leader Token
    • 2 Foot Soldier Supply Tokens
    • 4 Vehicle Discount Tokens
    • 12 Action Tokens
    • 30 Hit Tokens
    • 4 Panic Tokens
    • 20 Energy Tokens
    • 4 Location Tokens


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