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Fujimi 1/Egg: Chibimaru Ship Soryu (Battle of Midway)

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    The aircraft carrier Soryu was a force that played a part in the Japanese Navy's MTF at the beginning of the Pacific War. Before the war, a well-balanced Soryu appeared from Fengxiang, Ryujo, Akagi / Kaga, and the accumulated technology and experience. Soryu, which was completed at the Kure Naval Arsenal in 1945, when the situation began to set in the dark clouds, was a ship with a displacement of 15,900 tons, a speed of 34 kt, and a number of 57 aircraft. At the beginning of the war, he participated in the Pearl Harbor operation as a Nagumo Mobile Task Force, and was active in all aspects such as sweeping the British Army to the Indian Ocean. At a short age of weak, he was hit and killed with Akagi and Kaga. During the Battle of Midway, a Type 2 ship detective, which would later become a comet bomb, was installed on a test basis, and a Hinomaru was drawn on the front edge of the flight deck to identify allies as a feature of the appearance. The product is modeled after the beginning of the Pacific War of the Indian Ocean operation from the beginning of the war and the appearance of the Battle of Midway, which was the last participating operation, and is finished in a style with condensed deformed shape features.

    Molded parts are composed of colored parts of warship color and ship bottom color.
    Since the design is divided into the hull and the bottom, it can be either an offshore type or a full hull type.

    - The characteristic parts found in real ships are firmly three-dimensionalized.
    -Major ship parts are composed of gray moldings that imitate the color of warships.
    -The hull has a one-piece structure that integrates the left and right sides with a slide mold to reproduce the smart shape that is characteristic of medium-sized aircraft carriers. On the side of the side, a three-stage porthole that is reproduced up to the eaves along with the slurries is molded, and the uneven shape of the intake passage etc. is also expressed as an integral part. Reinforcing material is reproduced on the back side of the high-angle turret, and a guide plate is reproduced inside the chimney, so you can enjoy the atmosphere like a scale model.

    -The anchors are three-dimensionally shaped with separate parts, and a total of three anchors are available, including one at the stern. In addition, one spare part is included in case of damage. The anchor deck on the bow and the deck floor of the short boat on the stern are densely engraved with a non-slip strip pattern to give a sense of detail. The 12-meter internal fire boat and the 12-meter internal fire lunch are recorded separately for the ship-mounted boat, and the lunch hood is reproduced with a canvas-colored sticker.

    -The machine gun seat is a U-shaped integrated part that reduces the time and effort of assembling by combining the left and right rear three sides into one. The machine gun seat has a non-slip strip pattern, and the machine gun of another part is attached with a snap fit (press-fit type). Equipped with 11 25mm twin machine guns, only the rear of two chimneys is shielded to reproduce the features. The 12.7 cm high-angle gun has a base engraved on the turret, and the barrel has a separate part that reproduces the muzzle with a slide mold. The wireless antenna support is movable so that it can be tilted when the ship departs.

    -The flight deck has been finely carved to reproduce the characteristic shape.
    -On the deck, the wooden deck just like 1/700 scale is reproduced by sculpture, and the depth is suitable for inking by painting reproduction. The elevator expresses an eye ring, and the surrounding dents are larger and deeper than the carvings on the wooden deck, giving it a crisp look.
    -A gutter runs all around the flight deck, and it is expressed without any deck accessories such as searchlight palate and crane cover.

    -The flight deck support reproduces the difference in cross-sectional shape before and after, and individual parts are prepared.
    -Coloring is expressed with the attached pre-cut sticker. Since the accessories and deck pattern are reproduced by engraving, painting is also possible.

    -The bottom parts are bowl-shaped on the left and right, and are molded in red that imitates the color of the bottom of the ship.
    -The screw bracket and propeller are separate parts to reproduce the shape firmly.
    -It expresses a double rudder that is different from Hiryu.

    -Three type 2 shipboard reconnaissance aircraft (later comet ship bombs) that were test-mounted during the Battle of Midway are included!
    -Similar to ships, a deformed carrier-based aircraft is included. In addition to the three types of carrier-based aircraft, "Zero Fighter Type 21", "Type 99 Ship Bomb", and "Type 99 Ship Attack", three Type 2 carrier-based reconnaissance aircraft (later comet ship bombs) are included.
    -Marking such as the Hinomaru is expressed by the attached sticker.
    -The molding color is gray for the Zero Fighter / Type 99 rifle, and dark green for the Type 99 rifle / Type 2 carrier-capable reconnaissance aircraft.

    -Comes with special stickers and decals for the Battle of Midway!
    -Comes with stickers to assist coloring and decals that are convenient when manufacturing by painting.
    -Steel / wooden deck, white line, black painted part at the tip of the chimney, etc. are cut out and recorded on the sticker.
    -Records even the coloring of small parts such as the bridge window and the chrysanthemum flower emblem on the bow.
    -The decal includes parts that are difficult to reproduce, such as the white line on the flight deck, the landing sign on the red and white line, and the Hinomaru on the carrier-based aircraft.
    -The attached ship name sticker comes with a size that matches the separately sold display ship pedestal.
    -In addition to the above, this product comes with a special sticker that reproduces the marking of the Hinomaru that was drawn on the flight deck during the Battle of Midway. As with the sticker, a special decal with a white circle and a mark painted in red is also included so that it can be reproduced by painting.


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