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Foretold: Rise of a God

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    Players: 2-4
    Ages: 12+
    Playtime: 60 min
    Foretold is a strategic free-for-all game based on Greek Mythology and history, designed from the ground up for a great multiplayer experience! Prepare to build a unique temple, raise an army and form alliances - as you strive to become a deity of legend!

    - Foretold combines familiar elements of collectible card games and deck-building games, then adds an interesting tower defense mechanism.
    - Foretold is designed for maximum replayability with a Marketplace and deck of Temple Tiles that offer continuous change. With 4 different Fare alignments to choose, no 2 games will be ever be the same!
    - Foretold: Rise of a God is a complete base game, built with expandability in mind. Enfranchised players will come back for future expansions which are already in development!


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