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Force of Will: A NEW WORLD EMERGES: Hero Cluster Starter Deck: ASUKA DECK

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    This is a starter including Ruler with new abilities!

    Beginners only need to purchase this one to get in the game!

    Ruler joins the game with a special partner named Moonchild, and in this world where the Judgment ability has been lost, you can put J-Ruler on the field by contracting with the secret power that lies in the moon!

    Starting with this set, if no characters are printed on the back of Ruler, it will have a red back instead of black.

    This prevents the Ruler from being mistakenly mixed into the deck and makes it easier to recognize it as Ruler card.

    Unlike the previous series, the Duel Cluster will end with D3, the new cluster will begin with this product, scheduled for release on August 26, 2022.

    Starting with the Hero Cluster scheduled to be released on August 26, 2022, the regulations for all official tournaments, including the store tournaments, will be unified to "Wanderer." The "New Frontier" regulation will be dropped; after August 26, 2022, the regulation for GPs and WGPs will be "Wanderer."

    ★ Ruler Card: 2 cards (2 kinds, 1 copy each)

    ★ Main Deck: 40 cards (10 kinds, 4 copies each)

    ★ Magic Stone Deck: 10 cards (2 kinds, 5 copies each)

    ★ Will Coin Card: 1 card

    ★ Life Counter Card: 9 cards

    ★ Total 62 cards

    • 1 rule sheet

    • 1 playmat sheet

    • 1 quick rule guide


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