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Flames of War: German: Schützen Platoon (Afrika)

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    with three Schützen squads, Light mortar team, Anti-tank Rifle team & Command MG team.

    Throughout 1941, Schützen (or riflemen) regiments 104 and 155 supported the panzers of the 15th and 21st Panzer Divisions. Forerunners of the famous panzergrenadier their role was to be mobile light infantry and in North Africa they fought not only the enemy but also the desert’s sun and sand.
    The Deutsche Afrikakorps was Germany’s first truly motorised corps, taking up an unprecedented percentage of the motor transport of the German Army. The Schützen companies were smaller in manpower to a standard German infantry platoon, but could match or outweigh their comrades in firepower. They were typically transported in the Horch built Kfz 70, although, as the campaign progressed more and more captured British vehicles, which were better suited to the desert conditions, were used.


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