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First They Came - AGSCL042 [9788831382427]
First They Came - AGSCL042 [9788831382427]

First They Came

Item #: AGSCL042 [9788831382427]
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    Number of Players: 3-5

    Playing Time: 90+ Minutes

    Recommended Ages: 14+

    First They Came is an innovative role-playing game, designed for one-shot sessions and lasting 2-3 hours for 3 to 5 players, created by The Chaos League. It’s an immersive roleplaying game, designed to be played blindfolded or in the dark, to imitate the conditions in which the characters in the story find themselves.

    First They Came needs no game master or preparation. It not just a manual, but a richly illustrated, full-color artbook. The entire game is supported and complemented by audio tracks designed to take immersion and identification to a higher level, downloadable from a dedicated link or using a QR code included in the book. The music and ambient sounds are organically incorporated into the different scenes and provide atmospheres, clues, and threats. Guided by audio tracks, players step into the role of those persecuted by the regime for ethnic, political, gender, or religious reasons.

    Players find themselves inside an apartment in a suburban building during a grey Berlin morning in 1942. They heard "them" coming with sirens blaring and ran to the only place they could hide: the attic. It’s dark there, they hold their breath, then comes a whisper. They are not alone.


    • 134 pages full color volume including an accurate description of 1942 Berlin
    • 5 playable character types
    • A guide to playing in the dark
    • 13 downloadable audio tracks


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