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Fellow Travelers: Animal Companions

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    The trusty mount that you ride into the heat of battle! The fierce wolf you raised from a cub and fights at your side! The watchful eagle that acts as your eyes and ears in the field! The fancy emu you hide behind?! Animal companions follow you on your journey, providing a unique bond as they back you up in the wild places you find yourself in. The Fellow Travelers line of books from Fat Goblin Games offers new or expanded options for your Pathfinder Second Edition game all about the companions, familiars, cohorts, hirelings, and other allies we gather to us on our path through the world. In Fellow Travelers: Animal Companions, you'll find over 50 new animal companion types and a large array of new options for Gamemasters and players alike. This includes new special abilities, support benefits, advanced maneuvers, advanced types, specializations, and new training options. It also has advice on how Gamemasters can customize companion types to match their campaigns or offer a wider selection of companion options.


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