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Etherfields (Kickstarter Bundle) - AWAETHCORE [5907222999936]
Etherfields (Kickstarter Bundle) - AWAETHCORE [5907222999936]
Etherfields (Kickstarter Bundle) - AWAETHCORE [5907222999936]
Etherfields (Kickstarter Bundle) - AWAETHCORE [5907222999936]

Etherfields (Kickstarter Bundle)

Item #: AWAETHCORE [5907222999936]
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    Players: 2-4
    Playing Time: 90-180 Min
    Age: 12+

    This package includes the core game, stretch goals, Ruleset 2.0 and the surprise box! 

    Etherfields is a narrative, cooperative game for 1 - 4 players. A series of unique Dreams await to be discovered through tense exploration and tactical encounters.

    Learn about the Dreamers, their forgotten past, and their desperate mission. Uncover the surreal, sprawling dreamscapes. Just don't be surprised when---just like dreams often do---they become a little disturbing... Prepare to be challenged by escape-room like riddles. Spot a clue in the image. See a hidden link between several pieces of information. Use your instinct as much as your logic.

    In the beginning, you'll explore the Dreamworld, trying to find out what this is all about and who you are – and you are there for a specific reason, but, at first, you can't remember too much. You'll have to restore your memories from scattered pieces.

    The rules are pretty straightforward at the beginning, but they will grow more and more complex during the campaign. New rules open new possibilities and, sometimes, may turn everything upside down.

    Disclaimer: The extras included in this package are limited and included as free promotional material with the purchase of this core game as supplies last. Conditions of promotional material, there contents are non-refundable or replaceable.


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