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Escape Zombie City

Item #: QNG-10032INT QNG-010031 [4010350100318]
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Price: $44.95

    • Players: 2-4
    • Ages: 14+
    • Playtime: 15 min
    • Complexity: - / 5

    In Escape: Zombie City, you and your fellow players are survivors of the zombie apocalypse, hiding in a church of a big city. Everything is going great — well, as great as it can be when zombies are all around — but this is all about to change as a big wave of zombies is coming to town, and they want your brainy goodness. Your only option is to gather all the necessary supplies, start up the old VW Microbus, and get the hell outta Dodge (the city)!

    Escape: Zombie City is played with a soundtrack that lasts fifteen minutes. After that length of time, the zombie hordes have gotten too big to defeat, and you have lost your mind, so to speak...


    23 Street Sections

    • 1x Cemetery
    • 1x Cargo Bay
    • 1x Church
    • 2x Staring Crossroads
    • 2x Gas Station
    • 2x Hospital
    • 2x Supermarket
    • 5x Crossroads
    • 6x 3-Way Junction
    • 1x Exit

    18 Item Tiles

    • 6x Hospital
    • 6x Gas Stations
    • 6x Supermarkets
    • 20x Zombies
    • 4x Survivor Meeples (one in each player color)
    • 1x Van Meeple
    • 1x Van Tile
    • 20x Survivor dice
    • 55x Zombie Cards
    • 1x CD Soundtrack (2 16 min tracks)
    • 1x Bag
    • Rulebook


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