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Elder Scrolls Call To Arms: Bleak Falls Barrow Delve Starter Set [SALE]

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    Explore the world of Elder Scrolls, as the Dhovakin faces the undead keepers of forgotten tombs and ruins. The DRAGONBORN delves into ancient Nord barrows and caves, equipped with her iconic weapons and armour. The Dragonborn is opposed by the deathless DRAUGR WARRIORS WITH GREATSWORDS and creaking SKELETON ARCHERS. These forces are led by one of the Dragonborn’s most fearsome enemies, the DRAUGR OVERLORD, who jealously guards the secrets of his resting place.

    For use with Elder Scrolls: A Call to Arms Miniatures Core Rules Set

    This set contains eight 32mm scale high quality multi-part plastic miniatures with bases. Requires some assembly. Supplied unpainted.

    1 x Dragonborn, Champion of Skyrim

    1 x Draugr Overlord, Bleak Falls Guardian

    3 x Draugr Greatsword Warriors

    3 x Skeleton Archers

    8 x Bases


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