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El Gaucho

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    • Players: 2 - 4
    • Ages: 10+
    • Playing Time: 60 min

    In El Gaucho, you take the role of a cattle baron sending your gauchos to the Pampa to collect as much and as stately cattle as possible.

    Your gauchos exercise their abilities at the dice rodeo. The better they do during training, the easier they catch cattle in the field. Be smart and get in your opponents’ way with mean tricks by snatching the most valuable cattle from under their noses, or swing your lasso to abduct one of their animals. At home, sort your cattle by race and assemble them in herds only to sell them later for as many Pesos as possible.

    The goal of the game is to collect sets of cattle tiles and sell them. Each cattle tile has a value and a race. A set contains only tiles of the same race, ordered in ascending or descending value. For each race, your cattle tiles are arranged in a line. New cattle tiles are added to the end of the line. When you add a tile that doesn't match the ordering of the existing set, that means that set ends and a new set is started.

    Obtaining cattle is done through a worker placement system. Each player has seven Gauchos which can be placed on various action spaces. The most important of these is the Pampa, where Gauchos can catch cattle (which means the player gains a new cattle tile). Other actions include stealing cattle from other players and sorting your cattle (to optimize your sets).

    Placing the Gauchos on an action space requires dice. Each action requires a specific value. These dice are taken from the Dice Rodeo. At the beginning of each round, the dice are rolled. During his turn, a player takes two dice from the Dice Rodeo and uses them to place his Gauchos.

    At the end of the round, each completed set of cattle is sold. The game ends when the cattle tiles draw pile runs out. When this happens, one more round is played, and then all cattle tiles are sold. The player who made the most money wins the game.

    Become the most successful merchant in the history of Europe.

    The Hanseatic League (also known as Hansa Teutonica) was a spectacular medieval alliance between merchant guilds of cities in lower Germany, which quickly exploded into the North Sea and Baltic Sea as well. Many of the participating cities became very fabulously wealthy and powerful, and proudly proclaimed themselves "Hansa cities."

    Players compete for wealth and prestige as merchants in the Hanseatic League. Players may set up a network of branch offices in as many cities as possible in an effort to expand their base of power, but they must also develop their talents and trading skills if they wish to be the best and take down the opposition.

    Developing trading skills allows players to become more efficient in their activities. They may gain additional actions, higher income, new privileges, and improved prestige point return. Developing a preferred profile will create an advantageous position that will be paramount in developing a winning strategy against the other players.

    Handa Teutonica is very open to players' preferred strategies, and gives players the freedom they need to maneuver their way to the top. Clever use of traders, perpetual observation of opponents' activities, continuous improvement of skills, and the well-timed use of prestigious activities are key to becoming the most successful merchant in the history of the Hanse.

    1 two-sided gameboard
    5 panels
    16 bonus markers
    135 traders (wooden cubes)
    20 merchants (wooden discs)
    12 officers
    1 "completed cities" counter
    1 pawn
    4 soldiers

    Players: 2-5
    Ages: 12+
    Playtime: 45-90 min


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