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Earthdawn: Vasgothia

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    Yearning for Retribution. The Theran Empire has long exerted its influence over the fertile lands of Vasgothia and faced intense resistance from the locals for their intrusion. In a show of defiance before the Scourge, the fierce Barrite tribes refused the Theran Rites of Protection and Passage. Instead, they marched to war beside their Passions against the Horrors. When the surviving Empirists emerged from their citadels hundreds of years later, not a single Barrite remained, and knowledge of their Passions was erased.

    Now the Dread Yearning plagues the land. This magical affliction draws those affected into the terrifying Deep Forest and the Place of ReNaming. The Namegivers who emerge are reborn as Barrites of old, or so they believe. They resist the Theran occupiers as their forebears did. Of course, the Empire refuses to lose their breadbasket, watering their hard-won fields with blood.

    This sourcebook for Earthdawn provides a detailed look at Barsaive’s distant western neighbor. It provides descriptions of Theran holdings and personalities and sheds light on the Barrites and their patchwork of emerging cultures. It includes rules for a new Discipline variant, a new Path, and two new Namegiver races. Gamemasters will discover new treasures, foes, and plots to drive their tables deeper into the alien domain of the Deep Forest.

    Groups who want to explore lands beyond Barsaive will find a trove within these pages. Whether as Empirists navigating their past and future in the province, reNamed Barrites fighting to overthrow the Therans’ yoke, agents of Throal looking for allies and support against the growing Denairastas threat, mercenaries for Travar wishing to expand trade routes, or adepts seeking adventure and the draw of the Towers, there’s something to call any group to Vasgothia and heed the yearning.


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