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Dungeon Academy

Item #: MONDA130000 MT-DUNGEON-002 MONDAB0000 [700304152312]
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    • Players: 1 - 5
    • Ages: 10+
    • Playing Time: 20+ Min

      Roll & write your way through the Dungeon to graduate from the most prestigious academy. Play as young students battling monsters, collecting potions and loot to obtain glory points. Players simultaneously enter in different levels of the dungeon to clear rooms as quickly as possible. The more monsters you defeat to closer you are to earning your diploma. Make sure to have enough Mana and Health to escape all 4 levels of the Dungeon before the time is up!

      18 Dice
      10 Hero Cards
      20 Loot Cards
      6 Exit Cards
      158 Energy Tokens
      150 Adventure Sheets


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