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Dragoborne: Trial Deck- Mystical Hunters

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    Dragoborne is a strategic trading card game that features dice as an integral part of gameplay. Players roll the dice and incorporate them into their strategy, using them to defend their forts from enemy attacks, or infusing their creatures with power, all while drawing on them to fuel their efforts as they strive to dominate the board.
    Dice can be used as a Dragoshield, to be the front line of defense against your opponent, allowing you to conserve your creatures for a counter-attack! You can also use dice to power up your creatures by Dragocrossing them, increasing their combat capability, and even granting them new abilities. Dice may also affect the battlefield in a more indirect manner, such as being used as a cost by abilities, in order to evoke an effect on the battlefield. The values of the dice may also be directly referenced in abilities, potentially giving them bonus effects or alternate costs.

    A skilled hunter does not simply leap forward without a plan. The best huntsmen are patient and careful, lest they engage a prey they cannot hope to take down. Analyze the target, prepare for all scenarios... then can you lose yourself to the thrill of the hunt.

    [Mystical Hunters] is a strategic deck that rewards players for planning their turns and plays. Lull your opponents into a false sense of security, then counter-attack swiftly!

    The [Mystical Hunters] Trial Deck comes with everything a player needs to start the game, including a 53-card deck, 3 dice, a paper playmat, and a rulebook.


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