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Dragoborne: Oath of Blood: Booster Box

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    War has begun, one in which every nation has a stake. And in order to gain an advantage, alliances have been formed; each participant working towards their own goals. Some move with a purpose born of strong belief, some based on personal whim. The trick is to figure out who is out to get you killed.

    The second Dragoborne booster [Oath of Blood] features cards from all of the five colors, allowing players to build all sorts of decks. Each [Oath of Blood] display contains 20 packs of 8 cards, of which 1 or possibly more cards will be of R rarity or above!

    Alliances have forged and battle lines drawn. [Oath of Blood] brings more cross-color synergy for you to upgrade your deck!

    [Oath of Blood] also features new cards that you can use as the core of a deck, and also expands on your ability to manipulate dice!


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