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Dirty Doodles (DAMAGED) - WDYMDD464 [810816032900]-DB
Dirty Doodles (DAMAGED) - WDYMDD464 [810816032900]-DB

Dirty Doodles (DAMAGED)

Item #: WDYMDD464 [810816032900]-DB
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      • Number of players : 2-10
      • Recommended ages : 17+

    Get ready for a night of artistic (Read: Grown-up) fun with Dirty Doodles, the hysterically funny new adult party game.

    Compete with friends to draw on a board strapped to another player's body (Hint: Somewhere dirty). Flick the spinner to determine where the canvas gets placed, it could be your waist, forehead, booty or Artist's choice. Meanwhile, the artist straps the pen to their waist and puts their skills to the test.

    Everyone's an artist with this game. Just be sure to bring your sense of humor along with your talent! Brought to you by What Do You Meme?

    How To Play: Split into two teams. One player starts as the Artist. They draw a card and strap the pen to their waist. Another player plays as the Canvas. Use the spinner to reveal where they must strap the whiteboard. Compete to guess as many drawings as possible before the timer runs out! Perfect for friend groups, housewarming parties, or group gatherings!

    This game is suitable for players ages 17 and up. Includes: 100 Cards, 1 Whiteboard With Strap, 2 Markers, 1 Marker Mount With Strap and 1 Spinner.


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