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Dice Kingdoms of Valeria - DMG-DKOV001 [672975184360]
Dice Kingdoms of Valeria - DMG-DKOV001 [672975184360]

Dice Kingdoms of Valeria

Item #: DMG-DKOV001 [672975184360]
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    # of Players: 1-5

    Playing time: 30-45 Min

    Ages: 8+

    Dice Kingdoms of Valeria is a Roll & Write game designed by Levi Mote. On your turn you’ll roll six dice – two dice will activate the citizens for all players simultaneously but the other four dice are just for you. Will you hire citizens to patronize the guilds and fill up your treasury so that you can gain scoring options (Yellow Die)? Will you slay monsters for glory and rewards (Red Die)? Or, will you build roads to Domains that give you citizens, gold, monsters, and dice manipulation powers (Green Die)? Then consider how much Magic you have to make everything that much better (Blue Die)


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