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Darklands: Kernuor, Seer-Drune on Karnun-Beast

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    The Drunes of Ker-Ys fear nothing but the vengeance of their wrathful goddess, but that does not reduce their desire for knowledge of what is, what has been and what may come to be. Thus it is that the Seer-Drunes are venerated by any who follow Kernunnos, for even the lowliest scryers or diviners have power to serve Ker-Ys, and Kernuor is one of the most valued of all. Once a simple low-born peon of Kernow, he now rubs shoulders with those of Carn Dhu and Ys itself rather than the pigs and aurochs he once herded, when he first realised he saw things differently to others and in turn those around him knew his true worth. For Kernuor takes the mortality found within still-beating hearts and sees the threads of life spinning through eternity around him; waxing and waning as the seasons do; finding answers to the questions his lords and masters ask of him and lending strength to those they lead. He is held in awe by most, for with one breath he can bring the mighty low and make the weak strong, but it is the power he wields over the mortality of his enemies that ensures he is always at the forefront of battle.

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