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Critical Hit Dice - Critical Hit Dice
Critical Hit Dice - Critical Hit Dice
Critical Hit Dice - Critical Hit Dice

Critical Hit Dice

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    Your critical hits will no longer be the same and will now add amazing effects and flavor to your game! Using them is extremely simple and satisfying: when you roll a critical hit on a d20, roll all six dice instead of simply doubling the damage. Check the results as they will combo together, producing a unique crit effect!

    We have analyzed all the possible effects one can hope to roll on his critical hits and have added the best to our system: other than additional damage, you can give penalties to the AC, to the Saving Throws, to Movement or to the use of Magic, you can also push your enemies to the ground, stun them, frighten them, or make them deaf or blind and many more effects. We have then placed them in a way to make sure you can roll all the dice together and never roll similar effects twice!

    Let's take a closer look! There are six 12-sided dice. Each die determines a different aspect that will be added to your critical hit: Movement, Defenses, Special Conditions, Additional Damage, Bleeding Effects and the Duration that your critical hit has caused. Adding all the different results together will determine your unique critical hit! Only the Duration die has 12 possible results, the other dice all have 5 blank faces out of 12. This way the results are balanced, without turning every hit into an overpowered one! And remember, the Game Master can also use these dice against you!


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