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Conquest: The Spires - Vanguard Clones Infiltrators [SALE]

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    Unlike the Brute and Force Grown Drones the Vanguard Clones are not grown in the spawning pits deep within the Underspire. Woven from 100% pure exile tissue, their strands are improved upon and woven to produce superior specimens.

    Infiltrator training differs radically from what Vanguards have come to expect. As Vanguard Infantry, they fought in the main battle line, counting on support from countless menial drones, beasts and sentients that forge the war machine of the Spires. Infiltrators operate independently of this complex, relying solely on their skills and those of their team mates to survive in an environment that is not only alien to them, but a population who is invariably hostile. Stealth and ambush are their chosen methods of combatant their training regime emphasizes this. Few forces on Eä can match them in their chosen craft.


    12 models
    1 Command expansion
    1 Regiment stand
    1 iCard


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