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Compendium of Dungeon Crawls V2 (5E)

Item #: GMG55552 [9781958809990]
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Price: $50.95

    Eight 5E adventures in one mighty hardcover volume, covering levels 1-10!

    The Compendium of Dungeon Crawls Volume 2 is a 200-page hardcover collection of eight previously published adventures (FEF #8-15), most of them out of print. These stand-alone, world-neutral adventures are suitable for a variety of character levels, and are easy to import into an existing campaign. These are fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world’s first role playing game.

    Uncover the mysteries in the catacombs below a monastery, explore the cellars and natural caverns beneath a wilderness keep to solve a crime, or discover a forlorn temple in the frozen wastes. These are but a taste of the adventures contained herein, each playable in one to three sessions.


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