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Colonial Gothic: Turncoats

Item #: RGG6103 [9781939299659]
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    Colonial Gothic Turncoats. Step into the shadowy world of espionage with Colonial Gothic Turncoats. Learn of the exploits of daring spies who risked their lives to secure victory for their cause.

    Thoroughly researched, Colonial Gothic Turncoats take you on a journey into the minds and methods of some of the most intriguing figures of the era. From the infamous double agent Benedict Arnold to master spy Nathan Hale, you'll gain a new appreciation for the strategic maneuvering and covert operations defining this pivotal moment in American history. Learn of the challenges and opportunities faced by those who shaped the war's outcome from the shadows. Discover the inner workings of spy networks, the art of deception, and the high stakes of wartime intelligence gathering in this gripping account of spycraft during the American Revolution. Colonial Gothic Turncoats is a must-read for history buffs and anyone interested in adding elements of espionage into their games. So grab a copy and join the ranks of those seeking to uncover the secrets of America's founding!


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