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Celestia: A Little Initiative

Item #: PGS-QSF177644 [3770005767105]
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Price: $11.95

    • Players: 2 - 6
    • Playing Time: 30 Min
    • Ages: 8+

    Thanks to the Celestia: A Little Initiative expansion, you can leave the aircraft using the rowboat. With a single space, you'll have to be the quickest to embark, but is traveling alone such a good idea?

    This is the second expansion set for Celestia. It contains a 3D rowboat and new special cards.

    With this expansion pack you can now play Rowboat cards to continue on your journey alone - victory without risk brings triumph without glory! The Rowboat captain faces the challenges alone.

    Each vessel (Aircraft and Rowboat) has its own die roll.


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