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Cats & Catacombs: Questing Tooth & Claw Volume 1

Item #: SFAACC-001 [5060453694589]
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    Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs is a series of miniatures that bring feline adventurers to any tabletop gaming campaign.

    Hesta, the arcane adventurer, leads her fellow heroes on a quest for knowledge and riches!

    The contents on Volume 1 are:

    • Hesta, the Abyssinian Wizard
    • Molly, the Lykoi Rogue
    • Pawkus, the Bobtail Barbarian
    • Brook, the Scottish Fold Cleric
    • Whisper, the Sphynx Sorceror
    • Cleo, the Bengal Ranger


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