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Brikwars Core Rulebook - MUH117001 [9781802810455]
Brikwars Core Rulebook - MUH117001 [9781802810455]
Brikwars Core Rulebook - MUH117001 [9781802810455]
Brikwars Core Rulebook - MUH117001 [9781802810455]

Brikwars Core Rulebook

Item #: MUH117001 [9781802810455]
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    The BrikVerse is dying. Plastic-brick models gather dust on shelves instead of smashing into each other or exploding even slightly. Their construction matches their box covers – no unexplained tentacles or myriad redundant laser cannons. Their pieces are banished from the floor, never to pierce an unsuspecting Human foot. Minifigkind cries out for a new breed of Hero – more irresponsible, more ridiculous. Armed with nothing but fanatically devoted armies, a complete lack of survival instinct, and enormous piles of bricks, these mighty champions are called to push back the terrifying threat of Peace, and save the minifig way of life.


    The battle to restore mayhem won’t be won by default models. A fight like this takes creeping hordes of hungry munchfigs and towering laser ninja dragon mech castle pirate ship rainbow tanks. If you can build it, your Heroes can field it, no matter how inadvisable, inexplicable, or over the top.


    BrikWars is a flexible and entertaining turn-based miniatures wargame, designed for use with plastic building briks, miniature figures, and/or other construction toys. This Ragnablok Edition is the official, revamped, edited, absolutely definitely the definitive, retail edition of Mike Rayhawk’s BRIKWARS. Based on years of rambunctious feedback from the worldwide brik building community, this enhanced version is packed with new illustrations from the paintbrush of Mike Rayhawk, bringing the mayhem of brik adventures to life.

    Over 270 pages, full colour, US letter size hardback.

    Inside this BrikWars rulebook, you’ll find:

    • A dizzying array of custom weapons and abilities, from the humble brick and the nuclear catapult to world-ending Artifakts and the awesome Orange Transparent Chainsaw.
    • Dozens of minifig Specialists – Mechaniks to invent war machines, Heroes with impossible Feats (and impossible egos), Civilians to order pizza, and more.
    • The MOC Combat system, sending infinitely customizable units, creatures, vehicles, and fortifications to their unavoidable and instantaneous doom.
    • Heroic Escapades campaign rules.
    • Forbidden knowledge about the mythical Humans and their diabolikal dice.
    • Rules for when to break the rules (it’s always).


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