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Bolt Action: Polish: Polish Army Support Group - 402217603 [5060572503007]
Bolt Action: Polish: Polish Army Support Group - 402217603 [5060572503007]

Bolt Action: Polish: Polish Army Support Group

Item #: 402217603 [5060572503007]
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    This set contains:

    4 Infantry

    2 Artillery Pieces/War Machines

    6 Crew

    Polish HQ

    Considering the country’s location and involvement in major European conflicts for centuries, Polish officers came from a society that valued a proud military tradition. After the end of World War I, having freshly wrested its independence from neighboring powers, Poland was in a state of almost constant conflict. Most of the officers in Poland’s military were experienced and capable leaders.

    Polish Medium Machine Gun Team

    An almost exact copy of the American M1917 machine gun, the Polish military fielded its CKM wz.30 machine gun in a fashion similar to that of other European nations. It fired a 7.92mm round, like those utilized by most riflemen. Several thousand of these were produced for Poland’s armed forces during the build-up to World War II. The CKM Hotchkiss wz.14 was also used as was the CKM Maxim.

    Polish Medium Mortar Team

    Poland made use of 81mm mortars of similar design to most other nations at the time. These weapons were not as commonplace in the Polish Army as they were in other forces. Nonetheless, when available, they proved a reliable firing platform for the Polish crews manning them.


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