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Beyond The Savage Core: Curse of The Red Simians

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    "Curse of The Red Simians - Adventure Module 2
    Beyond The Savage Core product line.
    The second Pulp adventure for Savage Core has arrived! This 14 paged adventure module contains the Curse of The Red Simians rpg adventure, alongside rules for The Red Simian Faction, so that they can be used in The Savage Core Pulp Skirmish Miniatures game as well. (Module does not require the first adventure 'Temple of The Golden Heart' to play).

    Curse of The Red Simians is system agnostic, meaning that rules are implied andsuggested throughout but no attempt has been made to provide a rules framework.These, therefore are ‘rulings’ suggestions, rather than hard and fast rules per se. Wecall this method ‘Add Your Engine’, (or AYE for short). This has been done so thatGames Masters (GMs), may run the module using any rpg (role playing game),system, choosing their favourite or most appropriate. It is a simple matter toaccomplish this, so simple for a fairly experienced GM, in fact, that it is entirelypossible to run this module ‘on the fly’. Anyone familiar with rpgs in general, for instance, will know that player characters, (PCs), will take a die worth of ‘damage’from falling 10 feet, or that skeletons ‘take half damage’ from edged weapons. Alongthe way, GMs will note that efforts have been made in order to facilitate the smoothrunning of the scenario via these suggestions."


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