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BESM Fourth Edition: Dice

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    The fourth edition of the multi-genre RPG!

    In the myriad realms of imagination, there are an infinite number of fascinating worlds to be discovered. BESM Fourth Edition helps you explore them all.

    Welcome to Big Eyes, Small Mouth — the multi-genre role-playing game for all your anime and manga adventures! Mark MacKinnon, the creator of BESM, and the Dyskami Publishing Company licensed the rights to release this new edition of the game from White Wolf Entertainment. Dyskami then teamed up with Japanime Games to publish this core game book plus an entire line of BESM support products to expand the game system and storytelling world. What you hold in your hands is the beginning of this journey, and so hold on tight as we welcome you to your next great adventure.

    Purchase a custom set of BESM Dice for your gameplay, too: eight six-sided dice, with four dice of each of two colors (purple and pink). The dice have two different custom designs on them: the full Tri-Stat System logo that powers BESM Fourth Edition (replacing the 3s; reflecting a group of players) and one-third of the logo (replacing the 1s; reflecting a single player). Add a touch of elegance to your gaming table!


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