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Be Like A Crow RPG: Fistful of Feathers - CKRPGBLACRX2 [9781803525990]
Be Like A Crow RPG: Fistful of Feathers - CKRPGBLACRX2 [9781803525990]

Be Like A Crow RPG: Fistful of Feathers

Item #: CKRPGBLACRX2 [9781803525990]
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $6.95

    This Wild West expansion for the popular solo role-playing game, Be Like a Crow, is set in the desperate world of the Rooklands.

    Whether you choose to be a law master, a bounty hunter, a sharpshooter or an outlaw, you’ll need to keep your wits about you and prove you have true grit. As you fly from town to town, you’ll have to deal with buffalo bandits, coyote drifters and lizards who shoot from the hip.

    Includes prompts, maps and new rules for money and archetypes.

    All you need to begin your adventures are the core Be Like a Crow rulebook, a pen and paper, and a deck of playing cards.

    Target Audiences:

    • Seasoned role-players hungry for something different.
    • Newcomers who want to learn the main concepts of RPGs.
    • Creative writers.
    • Lovers of crows, corvids and pulp westerns.

    Selling Points:

    • A great way to get an RPG fix when your session is cancelled.
    • Perfect for the commute or the coffee shop.
    • Role-play stimulation for GMs and players alike.
    • Comprehensive introduction to RPG concepts for newcomers.
    • A new world and rules for the solo RPG, Be Like a Crow


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