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Battle for Danube: Expansion for Barbarosa 1941

Item #: 099-6177 [4600327061775]
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Price: $49.95

    This first expansion for Operation Barbarossa 1941 puts you in the middle of the furious confrontation between Soviet border guards and Romanian infantry divisions during the first days of the "Great Patriotic War".

    This set includes 11 models for new types of units - Romanian infantry, Soviet border guards, armored river boats, and trains - as well as new terrain pieces for lakes, rocks, ravines, railways and more.

    Players can explore new tactical options, including radio interception, airborne assaults, supply airdrops, and burning enemy settlements, making every round of gameplay more exciting and realistic!

    Combine Battle for the Danube with Barbarossa 1941 (item # ZVE-6134) and other Art of Tactic models to create even larger breathtaking battles!

    Game Contents:
    - 11 German and Soviet units
    - 8 smoke markers
    - 2 fire markers
    - 5 double-sided game boards
    - 15 double-sided terrain hexes
    - 6 elevation hexes
    - 11 unit cards
    - 2 store cards
    - 1 turn card
    - 10 dice
    - 2 water-based markers
    - Game rules
    - Scenario booklet


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