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Bandua Wargames: Infinity Terrain Pre-Painted: HEX IV-01

Item #: BAI000128 [BAI000128]
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    Our famous HEX range now in PRE-PAINTED format! An incredibly detailed range, and with new pieces. Perfect to recreate interiors of spaceships or any Human Sphere complex. All the walls are interchangeable, and highly modular, being able to stack together, as well as perfectly accessible and playable interiors. You just need to assmeble them and ready to play!

    The simplest HEX, but the most functional. All walls are interchangeable, and the "glass dome" roof is removable so you can easily access the interior. Two of its walls also contain removable doors, and its design allows it to be joined to any other building of the range, as well as stacked on other IV-01 and IV-02, and create great complex galleries full of rooms on several floors. Recreate the interiors of huge complexes of the Human Sphere!


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