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Armata Strigoi: Resurrection

Item #: PGU57701G [4250231727498]
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    • Players: 2-5 Players
    • Playing Time: 75-90 mins
    • Ages: 14+

    Enhance the experience of Armata Strigoi (an Adventure with Powerwolf) with this expansion which includes new enemy miniatures and 3D towers! Not only werewolf vs vampires, now a new deadly enemy is going to resurrect thanks to an evil ritual!

    Close to extinction, the Strigoi play their last card, invoking a blasphemous sacrificial rite that will lead to the rebirth of Deus Diabolus Tempter – the Cobra King! Can the Powerwolf prevent the rise of this lethal enemy? Resurrection adds a dynamic and fast-paced new gaming experience to Armata Strigoi that will keep you in suspense until the very end! Hu! Ha!


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