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Armada: Orc: Blood Runner - MG-ARO203 [5060469667492]
Armada: Orc: Blood Runner - MG-ARO203 [5060469667492]

Armada: Orc: Blood Runner

Item #: MG-ARO203 [5060469667492]
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    Those orcs with a particular penchant for things that go ‘boom!’ are often the first to volunteer for Bombboat duty. The thrill, however, is short-lived – after one or two battles aboard such a vessel, the average orc finds themselves deaf as a post. Designed by goblin Banggits, Bombboats are fitted with incredibly large and very dangerous mortars, and their one and only job is to use that weapon against the biggest target they can find – if they don’t get torn apart in the attempt.


    • 1x Orc Bombboat
    • 1x ship card
    • 1x 50mm x 30mm mdf base


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