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    The three "S's" act as the pivot point for our new title.
    "Speedy" (Draw two cards a turn, immediate attacks possible), "Stylish" (Futuristic Science-Fiction design), "Strategic" (Good strategy will require flexibility and devision making), with these three "S's" the game will appeal to a new type of playerbase.

    Who does history belong too?
    The year is 2111. Leonardo da Vinci, who should be long gone fron this world, appears at the Louvre on a huge airplane. By his side is his trusty ally Einstein. Why are these historical figures of the past with us in this present world? The curtain raises on the battle between the great legends of the past and the humans living today with "history" on the line.

    The gathernig of greats, "Neo-Rome".
    "Neo-Rome" is a guild formed of great men from the past who have been brought back to life with advanced cloning technology. In order to clear their reputations and redefine the incidents and grudges from the past, "Neo-Rome" will fight against the people of today.

    Protectors of history, "Unity Forces"
    The "Unity Forces" is a guild formed by the people of the modern day. The allied forces of "Unity" will fight back against the great figures of the past. They must fight in order to protect the "history" that remains, and ensure that "Unity" writes the history of the future!

    1 dual deck style deck (50 cards×50 cards)


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