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5 Paths - LLE0001 []
5 Paths - LLE0001 []

5 Paths

Item #: LLE0001 []
Availability: Coming Soon


    Number of Players: 2+ Players

    Playing Time: 10-25 minutes

    Recommended Ages: 13+

    A quick and dirty roll move and capture. Each game takes 15-30 minutes on average and you win by being the first to capture 5 of your opponent's pieces or locking them out of the game.

    Each player places a combination of 5 archetype pieces on the board (each archetype uses 2d6 in a specific way). Some pieces capture by landing on enemy pieces while others capture at a distance and some even stun and drag enemy pieces.

    Every turn follows the same rhythm of a player declaring which piece they intend to use, rolling the dice if appropriate, and then applying that die value to the pieces they selected in order to dominate their opponents or mitigate their risk depending on how the dice came up.


    • 1x Gameboard 
    • 20x Tokens
    • 1x Rulebook
    • 2x D6


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