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Item #: CMONGUF040
Availability: Coming Soon


    Players: 1-6
    Playing Time: 60+ Min
    Ages: 14+

    Evil is, if nothing else, opportunistic. The zombie hordes that are overrunning the living out on the surface have been noticed by the Darkness. It’s sent out a call and now the zombies have been bent to its nefarious purposes. The Survivors will have to follow them down into the caves and caverns if they want to make sure the undead menace is eradicated once and for all. Better bring a torch, it’s going to be dark down there.

    With the Green Horde: Massive Darkness Crossover, players can use all the characters and enemies from Green Horde in their games of Massive Darkness. It contains 64 cards, comprised of: 17 Heroes, 5 Mobs, 2 Agents, 7 Roaming Monsters, and 3 Familiars. These cards encompass characters and monsters from the Green Horde base game, No Rest for the Wicked, Friends and Foes, and the Adrian Smith, Paul Bonner, and Sean A. Murray Guest Boxes. Note: This item only contains stat cards. It does not have the miniatures for the listed sets.

    **This is an expansion. The Massive Darkness or Zombicide: Green Horde is required to play.

    • A Multitude of Monsters - The zombies and Necromancers have heeded the call of the Darkness and have started to do its bidding.
    • New Lightbringers - All the Survivors have taken up the mantle of Lightbringer and are ready to follow the zombies down into the caves and catacombs under the earth.
    • All Retail Releases Included - This item contains stat cards for all the retail items released for Green Horde so those characters can be used in games of Massive Darkness.

    64 Cards (for 17 Heroes, 5 Mobs, 2 Agents, 7 Roaming Monsters, 3 Familiars)


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