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Zombicide Green Horde - GUEST SEAN A. MURRAY

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    Players: 1-6
    Playing Time: 60+ Min
    Ages: 14+

    The city of Gateway was once a center of magic and the ethereal arts. All that changed when the evil Chancellor Gideon took over and outlawed the practice entirely. However, that cost the city dearly when the monstrous hordes started attacking. Thankfully, several wizards had still been practicing in secret and they were able to use their knowledge against the undead menace.

    The Green Horde: Special Guest Box – Sean A. Murray brings three new survivors and a new necromancer to games of Black Plague. Players can bring Cardinal Birmbauer and his rune-shot blunderbuss, Tak “Spellbones” Trooblood and his mastery of Paleomancy (the study of ancient bones and the magic in them), or Kendra and her training as one of the elite city guards to fight the zombie menace. Meanwhile, Grand Inquisitor Innsmouth skulks along with the undead horde, scheming his nefarious schemes.

    **This is an expansion. The Zombicide: Green Horde or Black Plague core game is required to play.

    • New Survivors - Players get an option of three new survivors that they can use during their games. Each one has unique special abilities sure to help them take on the zombies.
    • New Necromancer - Grand Inquisitor Innsmouth can be added to any game of Black Plague in order to up the difficulty for Survivors.
    • Highly-Detailed Figures - Each of these four characters is represented by a highly-detailed miniature figure.

    4 Highly-Detailed Plastic Miniatures (1 Necromancer and 4 Survivors)
    4 Spawn Cards


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