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Zombicide Green Horde - GUEST ADRIAN SMITH 2

Item #: CMONGUF037 [889696007360]
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Price: $16.95

    Players: 1-6
    Playing Time: 60+ Min
    Ages: 14+

    The zombie plague was created by the Necromancers in order to forward their nefarious agenda. Each of these evil sorcerers has their own goals in mind, and each has their own specializations. One thing unites them: the desire to eradicate the living and control the dead. For this, they create hulking abominations, nearly-perfect killing machines that are almost impossible to destroy.

    The Green Horde: Special Guest Box – Adrian Smith allows players to expand their games of Black Plague with a new Necromancer as well as two new monstrous abominations. They can be used to replace the regular Necromancer and Abominations to add an extra degree of difficulty for the Survivors.

    **This is an expansion. The Zombicide: Black Plague or Green Horde care game is required to play.

    • A New Necromancer Menace - The Lord of Skulls is no ordinary Necromancer. When he spawns, he always brings his two Abominations, Gloom and Doom, with him.
    • New Abominations to Face - Gloom and Doom, a pair of undead ogres, will relentlessly pursue the living wherever they may run.
    • Highly-Detailed Figures - The three characters in this box are represented on the table by highly-detailed miniature figures.

    3 Highly-Detailed Plastic Miniatures (1 Necromancer and 2 Abominations)
    3 Spawn Cards


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