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Warmachine: Mercenary (41160): Buccaneer Light Warjack

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    A nimble and sure-footed combatant, the Buccaneer can charge across heaving ship decks during a storm to ram its gaff into adversaries or sweep them into the ocean. Its weighted net entangles enemies to set up an easy kill for its own weapon or the sailors fighting alongside. While the engineers that designed this light warjack expected it to see use on fishing vessels, it has proven far more popular with privateers and pirates engaged in or defending against hostile boarding actions.

    The Buccaneer is a classic Privateer Light ’Jack that provides some melee and ranged utility. The main feature of this amphibious warjack is its net, which lets it knock down enemy models from range, impeding their movement or helping your own models land key attacks. When push comes to shove, its long Gaff weapon can further keep enemies at bay.


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