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Warmachine: Mercenaries (41993): Swabber Privateer - Heavy Warjack

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    Escalating conflicts at sea has seen a steady upgrade of armament among a number of familiar warjack chassis, resulting in several dedicated war machines in place of dual-purpose labor and fighting ’jacks. The Swabber is an outcome of this, swapping out the Mariner’s improvised cannon for a dedicated shield-cannon that is extremely powerful, if inaccurate beyond short range. It is also equipped with a harpoon launcher and reeling engine that lets it drag in its catch. While marketed as being useful for whaling, the Swabber has been purchased almost exclusively by pirates to employ against their targets.

    With Lash and Girded, the Swabber provides a mobile bunker for pirates to huddle around as they advance toward the enemy. Its powerful short-range cannon attack weaken tougher enemies before firing a harpoon to drag them in for a finishing blow with its shield.


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