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VS System: 2PCG Marvel Mind & Soul

Item #: 91662 [053334916639]
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    Marvel: Mind & Soul

    In this final installment to the Assemble story arc, Vs. System 2PCG launches a nearly all-female cast of power-packed characters like: Black Widow, Proxima Midnight, Valkyrie, Shuri and more! You now have the power to customize and unite the most epic A-List of MCU super heroes and villains -and just in time as now warriors associated with all six Infinity Stones have been assembled and the stakes couldn’t be higher!

    CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: (All items subject to change)

    • Expand your roster of MCU-based characters from some of the biggest Marvel movies, including: Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Captain Marvel!
    • Each 55 card expansion adds both heroes and villains to the game.
    • 19 new Main Characters and 26 new Supporting Characters!
    • Customize your new team or enhance your existing decks!
    • Epic competitive gameplay to pit your team of Allies against your opponents!
    • “Low Barrier of Entry” for New Players


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